Yesterday I felt famous

Yesterday I felt famous for the first time

On this day two years ago I released my first single. I remember bringing War Paint to life after months of arranging it in my head. I remember sitting in the studio a night or two beforehand, bobbing my head for the umpteenth time listening to the track. I remember messaging a few night owls to take a listen to assure myself that I wasn't delusional about its quality. I remember the Tuesday it dropped and so many of my friends sharing it on social media. I remember my first blog post from DJ Heat (long live DC Mumbo Sauce). I remember being beyond estatic about the 600+ plays it amassed in 24 hours At that moment in time I had NO idea the journey this song would take.

Yesterday I received my first royalty check from said single. It wasn't huge by any means but it came with a detailed statistical breakdown of how and where people were listening to War Paint. 32 pages of data from 12 different streaming sources used by people in 79 different countries. And that's only the data from May to August. I'm still awestruck. I mean, this was the plan all along, but still...
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