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BLOG POST: Entering the NPR Tiny Desk Contest

I'll be the first person to admit that I don't listen to nearly enough attention to NPR as I should. But I absolutely LOVE the Tiny Desk concert series and have always considered it one of my goals to play it. I was able to attend one live last year and it's one of the most intimate experiences a music fan could have. This month I've been teasing a little bit of how my performances are gonna flow going forward but this video is the first true look at how I'm gonna be performing from now on, as a live looping artist.

I put together a stripped version of Miss Cinderella and I remake the entire track live, looping the familiar piano chords, harmonic chorus, chill beat and synth bass line. In theory, executing my tracks this way seemed simple enough. This is my first honest go at it in front of another human (S/O Amanda, my friend/rockstar videographer from Clear Harmonies Productions) and although it isn't perfect, I'm still very happy with how it turned out. Also, I'm REALLY excited to share it with you guys, so without further ado...
This type of performance style really reflects exactly who I am as an artist and this video is only the beginning. With that being said, I'm gonna be playing a few smaller, intimate shows around DC to really hone my abilities as a loop artist. I'll also be making a big announcement next week on my Instagram page that I promise you WON'T wanna miss.

Yay cryptic secretive endings to blog posts!

P.S. Shoutout to DC's Office of Cable, Television, Film, Music & Entertainment and Mayor Bowser's 202Creates program for letting me film my entry during their co-working day.
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