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BLOG POST: Three things I've learned about myself in 2017 (so far)

Is it really already April? Is Winter really already over?

This year seems like it's flying by at Usain Bolt speeds. Working 60+ hours a week, on top of practicing, traveling up and down the east coast for meetings and five shows under my belt, the past 90 days have been a whirlwind. I haven't truly stopped to take the time to reflect on how personally awesome it's all been (well, except the 60 hour work weeks). It's easy to say "2017 has been the ultimate lituation, I'm out here grinding, buildling, linking, collab-ing, etc" but in order to keep that consistency going, I gotta figure out why these things are happening. Here's what I've determined so far:

1) I've figured out how to draw the right attention to myself

If you've known me for a very long time, then there's a sliver of a chance you've heard me use the phrase "I'm really freakin' talented". I believe it with every fiber of my being but I absolutely loathe mentioning it with more than zero people around. Because of the way I was brought up and the music I've studied/researched, I have a strange, eclectic skill set. I've always struggled with how to hone that skill set to become a one-of-a-kind artist. So I spent the last months of 2016 re-tooling my live set and the first months of this year troubleshooting it. With five more shows in the next 30 days, I'm hoping it's close to perfect by the time May comes around.

2) I've gotten into my own zone, for me

As someone who's DJed, played piano, and sang in 57 different ensembles (give or take) I've mastered the concept of performing what someone else wants to perform. I've played Don't Stop Believin, A Thousand Miles and All My Life on piano more times than I can count. The science of performing? I've got that down. Before this year though, I was rarely getting into my own musical zone. It's something I would experience playing piano in my own house at 2am, but I reluctantly brought it to the stage with me come show time. The past few shows I've learned to let the art of performing move, and not the science of it (you can tell by the faces I'm making in these photos lol)

3) I'm learning how to be the best me I can be, both on stage and off.

I've been a nomadic, risk-taking, minimalist gypsy-man for most of my late 20s. This lifestyle is far more alternative than I've advertised. I've always packaged and sold my day-to-day as this adventurous tornado of dopeness to anyone who asked. When in actuality, things have been rough sometimes. Sacrifice and struggle are real things that don't necessarily shine through Instagram filters and Facebook stickers. Lately I've seen the value in both sacrifice and struggle, and how much better of a human it's made me. I'm beating myself up far less when things aren't perfect whether I'm performing or not performing. Instead, I'm embracing the imperfections and learning from them and it's really taught me a lot.

These three anecdotes have pushed me to where I am now. I've vowed to make more time as I can to learn as much about myself as possible. Whether or not it's embarking on new hobbies (I signed up for Capital Bikeshare today!), taking less gigs/jobs in order to hone on creating more unique music, or taking the time to hang out with friends and impact their lives, I'm here for it.

Hashtag Self-Care

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