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BLOG POST: Three things I've learned working on the most important album of my life

The past couple of months have been quiet on the JDVBBS front. I've spent a lot of time dissecting certain parts of my life, trying to spend more time with my flaws in hopes that learning their causes would help me eradicate them. Figuring out my "non-negotiables" and making necessary sacrifices to achieve the things I want out of life. Cozying up with my fears and getting more comfortable with them. It's been an introspective process and I believe a thorough assessment.

2017, as a whole, was an amazing year for me. Although I seem a little unsettled at times, there have been so many accomplishments I can check off my bucket list these past 365 days. Nothing feels better than reaping what you sow, especially after 3+ years of sowing. I've always been an impatient man, never really appreciating the journey and always over-obsessing about the destination. I'm still learning to celebrate life's little triumphs, realizing that I wouldn't be here without them.

I've been writing an EP for the past six months but I've been living an EP for the better part of four years. Reconceptualized ideas given new life because of this thing called perspective. Lyrics I wrote years ago being brought into the light of day. Beats being repurposed. This set of songs align themselves in a way unlike any other story I've ever told. I can't wait to share it with you, because its taught me more than I ever thought making music would.


It's amazing how all of these songs received their purpose AFTER I completed them. When I figured out the direction of this EP I started looking through all of my old lyrics and beats to try to reconnect with a younger version of myself. I underestimated how much I catalog while I'm writing, and I didn't expect something I wrote years ago to be perfect to release now. I also don't know if I would've been mature enough to embody the spirit of some of the context either. I felt emotions I've never felt while writing and recording. That alone let's me know that the time is now.


When the epiphany hit me about how important this EP was gonna be to me, I wanted to make sure that I brought on a team that was gonna help to make the vision come true. I still think I underestimate the amount of people my life path has crossed with. When I went through my rolodex searching for artists, painters, dancers, photographers, videographers, stylists, marketing & promotions & social media savants, I realized I had a wealth of talent and knowledge at my fingertips. I sent an insane amount of emails and I can't express enough just how hype I am about the people I've assembled. They trust and believe in the vision I set out to capture and I can honestly say they're not just colleagues, they're friends too.


I've never really been one to wear my emotions on my sleeves but this year I've found solace writing about things I'm not quite sure how to handle in life. Love, lust, regret, doubt, self-deprication, etc. I've listened to enough music to know that being 100% vulnerable with your pen can lead to an amazing piece of art. Both War Paint and Miss Cinderella, although light-hearted, came to be when I didn't try to put my writing in a box. I let most of it hang out on this new EP and because of that it feels special. It feels like people are going to identify and connect with it unlike my previous tunes.

As I listen to the demos of my new EP, I realize that these five songs I'm going to share with you were a process. It didn't happen overnight, it happened over a long period of time. It's a story sonically as much as it is lyrically. It makes me smile, it makes me bob my head, and it makes me cry all in the span of 15 minutes.

I can't wait to share it with you.

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