So where's the new music

So Where's The New Music?

One of gifts of the generation we currently live in is that we have most of our world at our fingertips. We share  our lives via the interwebs with a simple click of a button and anything we want to know about about, well, anything, is readily available. It also has the ability to become a curse. Sometimes we overshare. Sometimes we know too much about a particular event, person or situation. In my case, my friends, fans, and followers tell me all the time that “they see me grinding.” I make those inquiring minds aware and without fail their curiosity leads to the following question: “So where's the new music?”

Long story short: I'M PUTTING OUT A NEW ALBUM!

I can assure you that I've been tirelessly and diligently working on new stuff. I've written a bunch of songs over the past nine months, I've picked and chosen the best ones, set the track order and secured the features. I've started planning the release show and the listening party. The album has a name and a concept that I can't wait to share with you all. And although I'm not quite ready to divulge all of the logistics just yet, I will give out a few little nuggets of insight:

This album has brought out the best in me musically.
I've dabbled in an array of musical endeavors in my life and I'm wearing every single one of those hats on this project. I'm equal parts singer/producer/composer/songwriter/rapper/arranger/engineer and then some. I haven't enlisted much help but the musicians who are going along for the ride with me are some of the best I've ever worked with. I'm really pleased with the way things are going on that front. With that being said...

This album will be more than just a collection of songs.
I've always been confident in my ability to make music sound good. As the album progresses though, it's turning into more than just beats, chords and melodies. It's aural observation. Music has an undeniable amount of power depending on what you inject into it. So with this project, it's going to be brought to life in a way I've never executed before. The concept, the stories, and the nuances are slowly transforming these songs into an experience. There was a lot of stuff re-written, recyled, and unfortunately scrapped and trashed but I'm happy with the entire process. There are also a few gems that I think need to see the light of day so...

I'm releasing a few tracks that didn't make the album.
As the album started to take shape, there were a few songs that fit the mold but didn't make the cut. There were others that weren't quite right for this album but I still absolutely love. So in the coming weeks I want to share some of those creations. If you join the mailing list, who knows? You may get them early. *wink wink*

Thanks for being patient with me. It's all slowly but surely coming together.

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