R.K. Gold

Okay, maybe I threw Twitter under the bus a little earlier than I expected. I'm still pretty ripe in the music industry but there's a lot of indie practices I don't like with certain players, especially in hip-hop. I'm not gonna follow someone if I don't have some sort of connection with them, if I don't like their music or just because you followed me. On the flip side, I geek out when a stranger shows me genuine support of my music. This is how I got introduced to R.K. Gold.

R.K. Gold - R.K. Gold Creations

R.K. is a writer who lives in Buffalo that spent some time in the DMV. He's a huge advocate for my local music scene which in a nut shell means two different and very important things. 1) he's not from around here and shows love. 2) he has nothing to gain in his career by showing love, nor is he looking for that. It's one of the reasons I have so much respect for him. Another is the way he has with words. As I admitted at the beginning of this article, it's never been appealing for me to read so it took me a while to get around to picking up R.K.'s The Little Black Book. I'm really glad it did because it's ignited a new creative outlook for me. Reading makes you tap into your imagination in a way most mediums can't. The operative phrase being "your imagination" aka the way your subjective mind sets the words in motion. R.K.'s words made me evaluate how the subjective minds react to my art because of how I perceived his. Maybe any book could've done that, but that's not how life played out. Also, I just think he's that good.
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