Rickey L. Jasper II

I secretly suspect that at my alma mater, where not many black people attend, that there's an unwritten rule that we take care of the incoming freshman. I remember reaching out to total strangers my first semester about where I should get my haircut, which parties to go to or not go to and what stores to hit to stay fresh (trick question, there were none). I made sure to give back as I got older and RJ Jasper was one of the guys I got to impart my knowledge on.

Rickey L. Jasper II - Left Lane Project

RJ doesn't fall in the stereotypical creative delineation as the rest of the writers on this list. In this case, it's a win for me as someone who's chosen to feature him, and it's a win for him as a writer (I think there's a term for this). RJ plays to his strengths better than most people I've ever met. He displays both insane execution and selflessness via his content at the Left Lane Project. In short, he's just trying to make the world a better place by providing some advice in areas of life he's succeeded in. He also highlights his struggles, almost as if he's a companion to what you're going through. He's recently been acknowledged for his work by Thought Catalog, which is a perfect landing spot. Knowing him personally, I think RJ can achieve whatever he sets his mind to. But he's chosen to write. And he's chosen to write to help others, which I think will create a self-serving cycle of success for him.
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