Neal Samudre

My last semester in college I was the music director of my a cappella group (please submit cool points via email). We were holding auditions for new members which is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Imagine your favorite reality TV talent show and trade in the wonderment and hilarious lack of shame for slightly socially awkward with a side of judgment. Amongst mundane attempts at Coldplay and John Mayer, in walks a glimmer of hope via the form of a 5'5 wide-eyed kid named Neal Samudre.

Neal Samudre - JesusHacks

Neal has an uncanny ability to let you know everything about him before he even opens his mouth. The ever-present smile on his face is a dead giveaway to his carefree attitude, his go-getter mentality and his unbelievable optimism. I didn't realize at the time and I only got to spend a semester with him, (his cover of "I'll Be" was angelic) but life had big plans for Neal. He took quite a leap of faith getting into writing but I like to think his content was self-motivating. A few years later his pen led him to a publishing deal, countless international blog posts and his own site, JesusHacks, which revolves around the concept of equipping millennials with insight on how to deal with modern day life in a faith-based manner. My favorite part of his writing is his pacing. He takes you on a journey like a well-crafted Ted Talk. He really helps his readers get into the psyche of every day trials and introduces different Jesus-like mindsets to combat those trials. I grew up in a church that had its fair share of fire and brimstone and it was a turnoff for me and religion as a whole. Neal's writing really resonates with me because of how inviting it is. Keep up the good work homie!
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