Nathan Slavik

I've recently grown to dislike Twitter. "Hate" is a strong word and "loathe" is an even stronger one but I've sure if I scroll long enough these days I can find a use for them. However, there has been some good to come from it. One example being Mr. Refined Hype himself, Nathan Slavik.

Nathan Slavik - DJBooth

Now I don't know this guy AT ALL. I walked right by him at SxSW (to be fair, I wasn't sure it was him) and I opted for my first trip to Roscoe's instead attending his Teambackpack MULA panel so I've yet to meet the dude. Nonetheless, he's a cornerstone of the hip-hop blog game. Back when I was slaying 16s and trying to prove to the world a suburban kid had bars, Refined Hype had a stranglehold on my browser's bookmarks. "What? How can hip-hop be written about this eloquently? How many people even understand the comparison and contrast he's using between these seemingly unrelated references?" It was journalism at its finest. I talk about it like it's the past when in actuality Nathan just took his talents to to do something even more important. You know how a great athlete turns into a great coach/manager/head of operations? Nathan and his gang of merry hip-hop writers are setting unprecedented standards in music industry journalism. Along with Young God Yoh and Lil' Lucas (hip-hop monikers I just came up with for two of my favorite contributors there), DJBooth is literally and figuratively the blueprint. Sick with the pen nigga, no prescription.
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