LVHNT - Summer 2016

I wrote a fantastic blog post going into a lot of detail about my new album but technology decided to be technology and now it's lost in the abyss. I'm not happy about it. It ain't gonna harsh my mellow though because:


Yes, my new album (pronounced "Love Hunt", but by now you should know how I feel about vowels) is gonna be dropping later this summer and it's the most excited I've been in my entire life. I answered a few questions in a previous blog post but today we're going to delve a little deeper.

The scenes set by the songs revolve around a pursuit of a girl from a guy. Some of the pursuits are concrete love-at-first-sight situations. Some are more lustful (and take place at strip clubs). Some are curious and inquisitive. Some are passive and let the girl take control. The lyrical content is just as eclectic as the songs themselves. The overall arching story is consistent though: A man looking, seeking, hunting, for love.

The music has it all: A little jazz, a little funk, a little rock, a little trap, and the list goes on. It was very important that the album embody both my sonic inspirations as well as honoring the local scene that's done so much for me. The hip-hop heads will appreciate the nods to both legendary emcees and current heavy hitters. The old school DC diddy-boppers will beat their feet to the syncopation of go-go drums. Basslines will be felt in the depths of your soul. Hopefully, everyone will find something to gravitate to and sing along.

I'm elated about the entirety of the process from the features to the cover art (details about both coming soon). The best way to keep tabs on all things LVHNT is to JOIN THE MAILING LIST! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!

Brace yourselves, LVHNT is coming...
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