How Famous Do I Wanna Be

BLOG POST: How Famous Do I Wanna Be: Vol. 1

I've never been famous. Not even a little bit famous. There are a few hashtag rockstar lifestyle moments here and there that I've experienced but nothing wild or crazy. I remember hearing some high school kids blasting a song of mine on the bus. I was in a viral video once. I got some dope feedback on War Paint from stars who have been on the radio. But none of that stuff makes me famous.

However, I've always envisioned that there are an overwhelming amount of goofy little perks that come with fame: Custom sneakers, free food at local restaurants, etc. I think I'm undecided when it comes to whether or not I want to achieve super stardom, but there's always been a few of these little goofy bucket list items I've wanted to coincide with fame when it arrives. Now don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a pair of Air JDVBBS or a lifetime supply of halfsmokes from Ben's Chili Bowl. But I explored the notion of my favorite life add-on last night...


I'm somewhere between a fanatic and a connoisseur when it comes to ice cream. For starters, I only want that TOP TIER goodness. Miss me with that basic breyers slash edy's nonsense. Occasionally I'll cheat on my Vermont homies with Talenti or some other gelato but when it comes to those out-of-the-box flavors, it's B&J til' I die. Over the weekend I proposed my idea to a fellow ice cream aficionado and we hammered out the ingredients. Last night I grabbed said ingredients from the grocery and got to work.

My top two all time flavors, according to statistics, are B&J's Strawberry Cheesecake and Haagen-Dazs' Butter Pecan. So I nabbed some Vanilla ice cream to use as a base and mashed it up with cheesecake. Then I sprinkled some crushed pecans up for some crunch. Then I added a game-changing veteran of all food groups, brown sugar maple bacon. The result is sitting in the freezer right now. I've had a few bites but I like my ice cream dense and slightly difficult to eat because of how frozen it is. I'll report back when it's in its final form. Or I'll eat it before it gets there. One or the other.

My favorite part of this whole process so far is the name: Hoggin' Dvbbs. GET IT? LIKE, HAAGEN, BUT HOGGIN! YOU KNOW, BECAUSE BACON. I'M HILARIOUS!

If there's one reason I want to be famous, it's this. Not for the money, the cars, the clothes, I suppose. It's for the ice cream.
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