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Believe it or not, Allison Kinney is probably the one who kickstarted my rap career. I had never really taken rap seriously. I wrote raps here and there and my freestyle game was the equivalent to Wayne Brady's. Allison introduced me to Good Goose, a very talented and successful producer and he invited me out to his studio. Those three days are all it took for me to take hip-hop seriously. I booked some more studio time in VA, set a mixtape release date and in January 2014 I became a rap artist. Last year was a blur of gigs, blogs and new punchlines. I was doing shows in big theaters, headlining events, and even getting love overseas. 2014 was ripe for suburban rappers rising to prominence but there was a shortage of female latin rappers. In walks Nitty Scott MC.

Rapper - Nitty Scott MC

I did a show with Nitty at a festival that lasted 15 hours long. With all of that foot traffic between three stages, I'm convinced that the little buddha was both the most attractive person there AND the best lyricist. I have a thing for curvaceous latin women who would still be shorter than me in heels so when it comes to her looks, I digress. The show ran crazy over time (as hip-hop shows tend to do). A lot of people left and she ended up performing to a crowd of maybe 20 of us. It was intimate, she wasn't hollywood, and she had BARS. She was the epitome of "don't judge a book by its cover" while also being a cornerstone for how far hip-hop has come. In a way she embodied my struggle as a suburban-raised rapper trying to prove himself. I can't imagine how many people have tried to stop her career in its tracks because of her looks. She presses on though. She's high on my list of "dream features"
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