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Right around the time I departed the world of a cappella I got a job as a DJ. I picked up my Traktor S2, the company I worked for helped me secure some wedding gigs and I was off to the races. I wasn't even doing anything fancy at these gigs but I thought I was such a badass on the 1s and 2s. I remember throwing my crossfader so hard to the left that the knob came right off and rolled into a vent. However, being a corporate DJ allowed for very little creative room and even less room for logistical errors. Eventually the company and I parted ways and I made my way to NYC, thinking I would never DJ again. That is, until one of my good friends needed a favor.

DJ - Allison Kinney

The *insert the highest synonymous equivalent for beautiful* and *insert the highest synonymous equivalent for talented* Allison Kinney called me up to help split some time with her at one of her residencies. I wanted to check her out though, to see what I was getting into. She kilt (read: killed) it. Straight homicide on the decks. I told her I was crazy out of practice but Allison is also one of the most encouraging people I've ever met. She was like "you'll be fiiiiine" She was wrong. I kinda bombed that first gig but I studied how she did things, how she read the crowd and how she scouted her music. To this day, her music selection is among the best I've ever heard. She's made a name for herself all over the city and recently opened up for Ciara. I hit the stage with her last year at our alma mater and it was nuts. Crossing my fingers that there is more of this in the future.
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