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I remember taking a my first tour ofJames Madison University (Duuuuuuukes) with my mom. There were a group of girls singing on the campus commons, My mom whispers, "that's gonna be you when you get here." I looked at her and scoffed. Momma knows best though. A few months later I made some time in my schedule and auditioned (and was accepted) into the brotherhood that is The Madison Project. I accomplished some pretty cool things, met some lifelong friends and picked up some very integral musical skills. I graduated thinking I would leave the aca world behind. Lo and behold I  was scooped up by a fun-loving group of individuals known as Euphonism and they introduced me to a WHIRLWIND of groups who did this a cappella thing for a living. One of those groups was the New York City Based Duwende.

A Cappella - Duwende

In one of my last a cappella shows I had the honor of opening up for this vocal powerhouse. There was something about the way Duwende operated. They had a designated rhythm section, their bass/bassist sang into a damn kick drum microphone, and their soloists. My, oh my, their soloists (Check the video above for confirmation). They functioned like a band with multiple dope frontmen (and woman). It was funky, they did original music, and in that moment it was everything I wanted out of an a cappella group. I've had the amazing opportunity to work with J. Aaron Boykin and if I ever suffer from terrible withdrawals, I hope to work with the rest of them as well.
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