DMV Beltway Bash: A Fictional DC Music Festival

DMV Beltway Bash - A Fictional DC Music Festival

Every once in a while I like to let my brain wander to far off musical lands where possibilities are endless. Dream collaborations, surprise guest appearances on stage and synergistic studio sessions with my favorite artists are usually what come to mind. On the heels of the Trillectro line up being announced I think I got a little lost. When I came to I was greeted with an idea for an eclectic, hip-hop centric, all inclusive DC Metro area music festival.

"Beltway Bash" is a working title, I'm not in love with it. "Bonanza" is more of a cornball word than "Bash" is though so it'll have to do for now. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy the concept of the two days being called the "Outer Loop" and the "Inner Loop" (pats self on back). I also didn't get far enough to the point where I picked a venue but this kind of event begs to be at the National Harbor or somewhere else close to water. There were other details in which I was far more meticulous about, aka the lineup itself. I made sure to exclude dopeness from cities that people are still on the fence about even being part of the DMV. If you claim somewhere south of Richmond or north of Baltimore, you were unable to "apply."

I tried to take into account what festival curators consider when putting line-ups together. Placing artists on certain tiers was a little bit of a bitch but I did my best to calculate the necessary factors. National/international impact was probably the biggest, as you can see by the headliners. Google results and variety in the sound were researched as well. I didn't want to choose too many artists that sound the same so there were a few direct comparisons and there were plenty of artists I left off because of how I felt their sound compared to their peers.

Last but not least, I added random nonsensical choices that would make potential attendees mad and fans rally to prompt adding their favorite artists to the bill. Sometimes festival lineups leave concert goers baffled and I've never understood why those calls were made. It may not be always on the curators though, I've had reasons to miss out on gigs. Every artist experiences it, so I took that into account as well. So if you're an artist reading this and you felt snubbed by this lineup don't worry, I designed it that way on purpose. Also, it's fictional.

Like a responsible curator, I've equipped a playlist to get you hype for the festival. The the line-up, down to the dates I scheduled the event, is fake. But lucky for us, the artists and their music are very real. Take a listen below.
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