Bligh Voth

I believe everybody has "prospective friends." People you've hung out with somewhere between 1.3 and 4.9 times in your life that you've connected with on some kindred spirit level or like-minded individual type shit. People you would be better friends with if you were better friends with them but you're not, so you're not. I have a few of those. One of them writes occasionally. Her name is Bligh.

Bligh Voth - Avocados Are For Rich People

The best compliment I've ever received was that I was "socially addictive. People just want to be around you." I could say the exact same thing about Bligh. Everyone could, she's the embodiment of infectious and it's very well displayed in her writing. I met Bligh at a social gathering of some of my favorite new yorkers in an apartment almost in West Harlem. I wanna say we bonded over our inability to sing like Jazmine Sullivan, damn her and her agile voice. Lucky for me and the rest of the internet, Bligh keeps a catalogue of her outlook on the world in witty little blog called Avocados Are For Rich People. Her personality guides her keystrokes and you feel like you're with her sitting in a Manhattan restaurant you both know you can't afford. She's left nuggets of life all people can relate to. Check it out and thank me later.
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