Who is JDVBBS, you ask?

"I make Pop/R&B music with hip-hop sensibilities. Imagine Nick Jonas and Kehlani had a baby, Drake was his godfather and Kanye West his high school bully. 
On stage, I'm a one man band. I recreate my tracks on the fly, live looping bass lines, guitar riffs, beats, grooves and vocal harmonies. It’s production meets performance in a way that’s interactive, improvisational, and impressive AF (or so they say).
Let me tell you a story...

I was born Jeremy Winston on the last Chicago summer day in ‘87. My mother put a microphone in my hand at a very early age in our living room in Reston, Virginia. You could catch me reciting the lyrics to Onyx’s “Slam” and asking my little brother to “warm it up, Chris!” as if we were members of Kriss Kross. My first musical memories coincide with hip-hop but I fell in love with the piano a few years later. From video game soundtracks to top 40 hits, anything I listened to I tried to emulate on an old Yamaha keyboard. 
Rehearsing in my onesie. #ItsLit

Through the years I became overbooked with musical endeavors. In high school I played church services, marched in the band, sung madrigals and made beats on the side. When I got to college I focused heavily on A Cappella music and recording engineering (and rapping at parties for fun, duh). Fresh out of school I taught at a pop music school and DJed weddings before moving to New York City where I sang in cover bands, spun at bars and lounges and accompanied early childhood music classes on drums and guitar. After a three year stint in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, I wanted to return to the music scene that had inspired so much of my sound. So I came back to the DMV on a mission.
I had a few original songs written but I was left with so many questions. Were the songs good? What genre were they? Did I wanna be a singer or a rapper? An artist or a producer? I told myself I would never really know unless I took my shot. So I booked some recording time, scheduled my first show and hit the ground running. There were some rough spots: Picking a name was far more difficult than anticipated but my XBOX gamer tag and a fabulous graphic designer fixed that problem. Finding bandmates was an obstacle until I watched live loopers on YouTube. After being dragged through the proverbial dirt in the form of infinite rewrites, countless rehearsals and endless studio sessions, I finally found what I was looking for and JDVBBS was conceived.
Brace yourselves for more third-person douchebaggery in 3… 2...

JDVBBS was born out of an amalgamation of all of my previous musical lives. I’ve gathered all of my knowledge, talent and inspiration to bring forth something new. I want to invoke familiar feelings and moods in a way you’ve never felt them before. I want to redesign how elements of music fit together in order to create a sound that’s fresh. And I want to present those elements unlike anyone else has.

I’m JDVBBS. Take a listen...
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