Year Three for JDVBBS

2016 - A Year In Review

Sorry for being so quiet for so long guys.

Three years ago today I released my first piece of original commercial music. If you've read this blog before, you've heard the guitar-riffed intro to War Paint at least once and you've seen Mallory's face in various places all over the interwebs. I finally had tangle proof that I was chasing my dreams, and what a wide-eyed, naive dream chaser I was. Oh young JDVBBS, if only you knew.

Fast-forward to Summer 2016...

The first half of 2016 had been great and the momentum was building to another huge album release, or so I thought. I've gotten to the point where I can call it a learning experience and not a failure. Immediately afterwards though, I fell into this sophomore slump. The ideas had always been properly executed before but this time I wasn't producing the results I wanted. Was the plan flawed? Was my first year of unbelievable success a fluke? Why is this album not sounding as good as the previous things I've done? How, Sway!? HOW!? It took a very serious toll on me for a month or so. I stopped practicing, I shelved the album and I felt like I had to retool. But I was broke financially and even more broken mentally. Then in the beginning of August I got an email.

A colleague of mine had invited me to audition for a showcase. It was like showcases I had done before and had never really realized the value of. "Come play maybe 5 minutes of your material in front of fancy music industry execs" is what I was asked in a nutshell. So I spent money I didn't have to register for an audition I was slightly skeptical of for a showcase I wasn't quite sure I was a good fit for. Sometimes that's what you In hopes that I'd get out of my rut, I sang and rapped my lil heart out. Based on the strength of the songs (not the performance though, it was NOT good) I was invited to the producer side of the showcase. From there, life took a dramatic upswing.

I put together some brand new tracks and refurbished some old ones and came to the showcase with a fire in my belly I hadn't had in a very long time. I made it to the finals and although I didn't bring home the hardware, I brought home a different mindset. Since then, I've been invited to a few showcases in various cities across the country. The feedback I've received has been essential to my growth as an artist as well as my improvement as a brand. It felt great that people wanted to hear what I had to offer and that they were so receptive of it as well. After my last one in September, instead of twiddling my thumbs and waiting for things to come to fruition, I went back to the drawing board.
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