So What's Next?

So What's Next?

About a month ago I wrote this post about retiring from being a rapper and it broke the internet. Not really, but a lot of friends have called, texted, tweeted and sent telegrams to me over it. "So what? You're just gonna not rap anymore?" "You aren't really done, are you?" I heard people were talking about it in their offices. I'm not that cool, I promise. My brother, my hip-hop lifeline, hit me up saying "this ain't the end for you, is it?" 

Well, yes and no.

The reason for the first post was to celebrate the fact that there's much more to my music career than being a rapper. I had lost sight of that at one point but I'm finally starting to wake up from blacking out in a sea of punchlines and metaphors. I knew the mindset wouldn't immediately change. I still wanna send my hip-hop tracks in for mixtape submissions. I still wanna get in cyphers with dope emcees (S/O to the MULA Fam). I recently just got back from a month-long Los Angeles excursion. Although the trip wasn't intended to be as introspective, I used a lot of the downtime to figure out how to navigate these new waters. Potentially too much of it. I probably should've spent more of my first SoCal trip exploring and having fun. Nonetheless, the entire trip culminated in two large conclusions:




There's an allure of mystery that comes with uncertainty. I'm anxious about it because of the type of person/artist I am. But the overwhelming response I've gotten from friends, bandmates, bloggers, DJs, etc has provided a very necessary security. I've been impatient  since I was 7 so I truly wish I knew what the exact plan is. However, if the end result is going to be different then the process has to be as well. One thing is for certain though, I have to deliver. Although I'm glad everyone is interested I know that comes with a set of expectations. I welcome the pressure. I think it makes me perform better.

In May I participated in a rap competition, produced a remix for an INSANELY dope Virginia duo, joined a group of internationally known mashup-djs, and curated a playlist for a fashion blog. There will be more of all of that going forward but the end goal is still this: MORE ORIGINAL MUSIC! I'm not 100% sure about what it's gonna sound like. Give me a little time though guys, I promise you won't be disappointed.
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