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"Self-made symphony, 'bout to change the industry..."

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"I make Pop/R&B music with hip-hop sensibilities. Imagine Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliot had a baby, Justin Timberlake was his godfather and Kanye West his high school bully. Onstage, I'm a one man band. I recreate my tracks on the fly, live looping bass lines, guitar riffs, beats, grooves and vocal harmonies. It’s production meets performance in a way that’s interactive, improvisational, and impressive AF."

What I've done...

400,000+ Streams in over 100 countries, including FM radio, internet radio, streaming apps and digital jukeboxes

#2 on The Hype Machine's popularity charts

Finalist for TouchTunes Breakout Band contest 2016

Finalist for MadeInTheDMV's DMV TrackStars Beat Contest

Finalist for DJCity Remix Contest 2015

The Deli Artist Of The Month February 2014

What they're saying...

"JDVBBS is worth keeping an ear out for as a future breakout star." Marcus K. Dowling - Freelance Journalist (Pitchfork, Bandcamp, Vice, Complex, more)

"A different and refreshing sound that we don’t get much." DJ Heat - Core DJs, DC Mumbo Sauce

"JDVBBS uses his versatility and intellectual approach to music to impress." Michell Clark - Artistic Manifesto

"His tracks expose a wide variety of influences, interests, and skill. It’s a superlative introduction, and we can’t wait for more." Natan Press - The Deli Magazine
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